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The founders of @GoodMonthLabs, proudly present BAZ, a 7,200 NFT collection created fore the game we love.
artistArt by the notorious @kyokill_. Heavily influenced by sunny, palm-filled hometown of Perth, dashed with a huge dose of retro-futuristic, violently pastel cityscapes, people and concept supercars of the 70s-90s era.

For in-depth detail of Hole 1 - Hole 3, join the discord and read up about it in the #front9

HOLE 1Art to evoke, bag tags that stroke
HOLE 2Bag giveaway, unforgettable colorways and drip that can’t stop
HOLE 3$BAZ built for IRL on-course use-cases. A goal to get to the Otherside.
HOLE 4Local qualifiers, be a member of the web3 league
HOLE 5☄️ Incoming...
HOLE 6Bags V. Zags, the IRL annual, which will you side with?
HOLE 7Liquid metal terrain, make it your own.
HOLE 8👟👟👟👟
HOLE 9For the culture, for the community… BAZ members decide how we close this one out